Family Game Night 1

Here’s a fun little card game we’ve been enjoying recently; it’s called COUP. Full of lying and deception as each player tries to outwit their opponent. Fun and fast paced. Each player gets two cards and each card has certain abilities and can cancel out others. Gather enough coins for a coup and take out other player’s cards, steal other player’s coins or flat out assassinate your opponent. Each game lasts about 15 minutes so you’re not stuck in a game all night. Once you lose both cards, you are out the game. 2 to 6 players. Box says 13 and above but we have no problem with younger players. (say 8) I give it 5 stars out of 5.

Card characters and abilities. 

My 7 Mistakes of Having a Website (Continued)

4.  There’s No Crying in Baseball. 

Now this is just my opinion, but I believe that keeping a positive attitude is best; especially in a blog or website. Everyone wants to be happy right? It is so easy to get yourself down and get into that slump or complain about things (Unless, it’s funny then that’s Ok, run with it.)

“Batter Up”

Get back in there and aim for the fences. I’m probably alone on this one because I do see lots of sites out there with many followers who talk about their hardships. I’m sure it’s part of the healing process and I’m all for finding that inner peace. God bless em, but that’s not me. Sometimes it’s hard to read and moreover respond with a kind word, fearing you might upset someone.

Having a sense of despair is like my Kryptonite. A wise woman (mom) once told me. “Be happy and people will like you” “People gravitate toward happiness” It’s true, it’s like Carol Anne going toward the light in Poltergeist. I now try to live by these words. Best advice I ever got. Always try to inspire. Words, stories, poems, cooking, pictures; find your passion.

Author’s note:  I thought of leaving this one out but put it back because a positive outlook is so important. Plus I always use this great movie quote on my kids.  Please give me feedback on this one. 

My 7 Mistakes of Having a Website (Continued)

3.   Size Matters 

Always keep your blog or content short and sweet. I mean who wants to read War and Peace. 

Think about it.Getting suckered into a long blog is like looking for gas off the Interstate. You shout “There’s one” and you swerve to take an exit only to wind up having to drive miles out of your way to get to your destination. It doesn’t take long before my finger starts moving toward that scrolling bar. Or, you pulled me in with a good headline but you drift off the road droning about this and that or about your Aunt Edna out in Toledo. Blah blah blah blah.

There’s always manana right? Save a little something in the tank for tomorrow.

My 7 Mistakes of Having a Website (Continued)

2. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. 

It’s all about attracting a reader. A picture aids in this task tremendously.

(Queue in the cute girl or kitten in a sombrero)

You should really never send out a blog or article without a picture if you can help it.

Ok, this is a picture of my daughter (one of my favorite pictures of her taken a few years ago chillin on a juice box in City Park in New Orleans.) You wouldn’t believe how hard I looked for a sombrero that would fit my cat. It’s about time the mooch earns his keep. That old Grumpy Cat is making a mint. And some woman in a Chewbacca mask going viral, Really?? Remember, you have to grab attention; especially with social media where your “Headline” is competing with others. People’s time is limited and it doesn’t take long before you are buried under newer posts. Please don’t overdo it though. I remember when web pages were in their infancy and people just stuck all kinds of gifs and animations on them. It was almost like a “Care Bears” crime scene. You get the “Picture.” Your original pictures are best and use your imagination.

Don’t do like me, get the phone with a nice camera. (see blog “tight ass dad” JK)

My 7 Mistakes of Having a Website

Ok, so here is the follow up to my “Confessions of a Noobie.” It will be a seven part blog so stay tuned in and feel free to pass it around. Also please feel free to comment and leave likes. The feedback helps me be a better blogger.

1. It’s a Numbers Game

People like numbers. It’s always “7 Habits of this or that” or “10 ways to whatever” Nauseating really.

But I’ve noticed that trying to drive people to my site through social media applications such as Instagram and Twitter, It really is a number’s game. I mean you have to “Give love to Get love” You have to follow people to get followers and build on these communities. Take Twitter for instance; does anyone really believe that you could legitimately follow 15 thousand people? They are just working at building their following. You start to follow people, but are you really listening or just scrolling through endless tweets only stopping briefly if something catches your eye? Driving these people back to your website is even more of a Herculean task. It is so aggravating to be thrown out of twitter for some stupid link and then have to back out of everything to get back to where you started. I guess that’s one of the reasons I migrated to It sort of functions the same way but focuses on the blogs without having to jump out the program. So how do you get followers? I guess that’s the tough question. Writing good content and sticking with it? I looked for a blogging community and am trying to fit in. Next you have to stand out and be noticed so people take the time to click on your blog. (Queue in the cute girl or kitten in a sombrero)

Wow, that was a quite a rant. Now back to “Numbers”
A numbers list is a way to attract a reader.                           


“Daddy, where do clouds go?”

Where do clouds go? What the hell, why do I get all the tough questions. Why can’t mom tackle a few now and then?

“What’s that Sweet Pea? What do you mean where do they go?” “You know, some days the sky is full of clouds and some days they are all gone.” 

She’s right, where do they all go? That’s something a child would ponder. I remember being a kid and riding in back of the car on long trips along the river looking at all the plants with their smokestacks billowing  all the steam and what not high into the sky. Big puffs of marshmallow like fluffiness. I use to think that’s how clouds were made. Little cloud factories doing their job. 

I was going away for business recently and she wanted to know what the top of a cloud looked like, So I took some pictures out the plane window so she could see them. You have just shared our memory. 

My Come to Jesus Moment with my Cat

“Hello, my name is Winnie and I am a recovering asshole cat.”

Once again I was running late for work and I was in a hurry to leave the house to catch the shuttle. This morning was different, this morning my cat peed all over my bag. Not that the flee bag never peed on my bag before, because he has. It was that I needed my bag for work that day. Now the cat, seemingly proud of his accomplishment, drifted way too close to my foot and in my rage I kicked him. Well not really a kick. More like a kinetic push off. Anyway, it was enough to get his attention. He scampered away and I quickly rinsed my bag and ran out the door. It was a long ride to work and the pee smell was gaining ground. I was still angry but more so with myself. How could he do that? I rescued him one rainy night when he was a kitten. I clean his putrid box. I’ve woken up on more than one occasion only to step in something he has hacked up, and still he does this to me. Was he still mad about the neutering? God forbid you pet him when he’s not in the mood; fangs! Still, I felt bad. The kids were so attached. CAT, first word for both of them. I called home to check on him. All was fine. Winnie avoided me all the next week, but slowly, gradually, we made amends. He finally made his way to my lap for chin scratchings. We have come to an understanding. An alliance of super powers. There may be bumps in the road but we have moved past our differences and are best buds now. 

More Than Art

I’m sure every parent has a child that likes to draw. In fact, I must have a thousand drawings of Pikachu floating around my house that my daughter drew and I just couldn’t throw away. Wanting to cultivate this “gift” (as we called it) we sent her to various “camps” but were never really satisfied. There was always lots of art but not much in the way of education or technique.

While my daughter was out with her Nana on a fun “Painting with a Twist,” The instructor suggested Larry Casso with the Baton Rouge Fine Arts Academy.
The price is pretty reasonable and the kids go one day a week for a 3 hour class. The class is very friendly (and no parents, the kids are on their own to develop their skills.) We have already brought other families in and the class has expanded.

Charcoals, Pastels, Water Colors

What a difference; Teaching shading, techniques, and perspective! We even sent my son who hated art. He now considers it one of his favorite subjects. In addition, these courses can count as Art credits for their online school with proper preapproval.

Artwork is by children ages 10 and 11.

Clark Creek

Looking forward to the cooler weather that Autum brings in and hiking again at Clark Creek MS. This is a rugged state park located off Mississippi Highway 24 approximately 20 miles west of Woodville. It is more than 700 hill laden acres. This is a wonderful place to hike, with high bluffs, water falls and a nice rocky riverbed. It’s not for the timid. Be prepared to take water and a snack for a hike that is sure to be a workout for you and the kids. It is a beautiful nature walk to get the kids moving and enjoying some outdoor photography. If you’re quiet and alert, you might catch a glimpse of a Pikachu (backpack) with my daughter.