Longing for Adventure 

Wow, trying to figure out how to post again on WordPress. I guess it has been a little bit over a year. Too much happening or just binge watching “Game of Thrones.” I wanted to post another poem from my daughter for comment. I enjoy them so, and will polish them up is she lets me. This one she didn’t. She was inspired from our Friday night Dungeons and Dragons game. (The pic is my son and I shooting rockets several years ago. As you can see my wife’s overzealous safety measures)

Longing for Adventure

Longing for adventure we sit in this room,

ticking past minutes as day reaches noon.

We will no longer be kept trapped up in here

as we set out for adventure in our very best gear.

Armed with swords, arrows and spears,

We sneak out of the room as dark soon nears.

Hidden by shadows the dark reaches night,

As we plan to be back before the first light.

As we reach the courtyard we sneak past the guard who’s too busy to even care

Continuing there, it’s too late to be scared.

In the stillness of the night, around the corner and under the trees,

We crouch down low to crawl on our knees.

Snickering, punching, and stifling laughter,

we narrowly avoided a grave disaster;

A mother scolding her child for being out at night,

As they left we saw the most wondrous sight;

Of fireflies blinking in small specks of light.

We head back knowing that dawn will soon strike,

wondering and preparing for what to do the next night.

We sneak back into the room holding a new secret of something to do,

next time we’re longing for adventure.
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Family Game Night 1

Here’s a fun little card game we’ve been enjoying recently; it’s called COUP. Full of lying and deception as each player tries to outwit their opponent. Fun and fast paced. Each player gets two cards and each card has certain abilities and can cancel out others. Gather enough coins for a coup and take out other player’s cards, steal other player’s coins or flat out assassinate your opponent. Each game lasts about 15 minutes so you’re not stuck in a game all night. Once you lose both cards, you are out the game. 2 to 6 players. Box says 13 and above but we have no problem with younger players. (say 8) I give it 5 stars out of 5.

Card characters and abilities. 

The Day I Lost my Innocence 

I remember it like it was yesterday. I came home from a grueling day of baseball practice proceeded by an even worse day of school. “What’s for dinner mom?” I shouted as I blasted through the door with my dog Chase at my side. “Red beans” mom said, “and go wash up” I heard as I was running to the bathroom. I was so hungry, it seemed like forever since I last ate. I ran to the table and sat down at my place. What was this? I thought to myself. This did not look like red beans. “Mom, what is this?” I said as the hunger pains were welling up in my stomach. “Why these are baby red beans” she said as coolly as a used car salesman on a Detroit auto lot. I looked back down at my plate. Could it be? Was this some exotic legume I did not know about? OK I thought, succumbing to my hunger. I took a bite. “Do you like them?” mom said. “They are alright, don’t taste like red beans though.” I replied. As I ate, the hunger soon faded and I decided I wasn’t much into dinner anymore.  “Go clean your plate and get ready for bed” she said with a grin of a Chelsire cat. I took my plate and what was left to scrape off into the garbage can. The horror, oh the horror, there in the garbage staring up at me were two empty cans of field peas like some severed head to be discovered at the scene of a crime. I turned to my mom, the innocence of my youth tattered in ruins, “you lied to me” I said with a tremble in my voice.  “Oh don’t be a baby” she chuckled, “now go to bed.”

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Your Worst Experience 

Well school is well underway and with it is my son’s first essay of the year. His task: Write about your worst experience.  Enjoy.

Far Fence

Last year, a catastrophic event ensued because my mom had the idea of cycling on the levee in the midst of the summer heat. My family and I thought it was a brilliant idea as we were driving toward Baton Rouge. However, we could not have been farther from the truth. As we were preparing to start the event, we found that my sister’s bicycle tire was flat and that she could not ride. As a result, she and my dad left to repair her tire. After she departed, the remainder of our group (my mom, Ms. Andrea, Andre, and I) finally set off on our bicycle trail.

The following hours were some of the most strenuous and physically exhausting that I had ever experienced. It seemed as though the cycling trip went on forever, riding up and down the levee in the summer heat with little water. The only thing keeping our group going, apart from my mom, was the promise of a break once we reached our destination. We cycled and cycled, tiring by the minute, but we were still moving forward. Slowly, everyone’s temperament started to change as fatigue and frustration built. The whole group was ready to reach the park and to take a break.

We had a terrible realization once we cycled the distance to the park. Although my mom presented our destination as a place of rest, in reality, it was Farr Park Equestrian Center. In other words, the “park” was a fence. As a result of this conclusion, many emotions rose up inside me, chief among them being anger and disappointment. As soon as I realized the truth, I biked as quickly as I could in the opposite direction to leave that forsaken place, which I dubbed “Far Fence.” Following in my wake was my mom, who was full of mirth because of my sudden outburst. Unfortunately, Far Fence had one last event for us to remember it by, Andre soon fell ill with heat exhaustion. Finally, after the cycling trip of the decade, we were able to leave Far Fence and were able to have as much water and sleep as we wanted.

Dad’s Note:

While my daughter and I made an honest effort to get her bike fixed, it was Sunday and all the shops were closed. We ended up getting ice cream and visiting the LSU tiger instead. 

This is still an issue in my household. 


Happy Hallowtween

Here I am, both my kids are tweens and trying to find their place with the holiday.  I think they are getting a little old for Halloween (it seems to be centered around the little tykes) but I can see their struggle with still wanting that bit of childhood.  Maybe I just wanted to sit at home with a big bucket of popcorn and watch scary movies this time. We still had the dilemma of picking that perfect costume. Over the years we’ve been bugs, princesses, pirates, ninjas, witches, fairies, zombies, Roman soldiers, and the Grimm Reaper. The corn mazes seem to be done but we are slowly moving to the haunted houses. (with much trepidation) Any other readers at this phase? How do you do Halloween? Maybe it’s time for house parties and sleep overs?

An Open Letter to the Tooth Fairy

This is the note left for the Tooth Fairy last night because of her dereliction of duty and her forgetfulness from the night before. Although I did have to explain to my daughter that sometimes the Tooth Fairy can be very busy and find it hard to break a twenty. I thought this was too sweet not to share. Happy Sunday. 

The 7 reasons I hate you Franklin Covey

There I said it. Someone had to. Anyway there are way more than 7 reasons. In fact, I won’t even give you the satisfaction of making a list. You call it Leadership, Keys to Success, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, Myers-Briggs and some sort of “Color” I turned out to be.
I call it Labeling, Subjection, Compartmentalizing, Formulation, and Brain Washing. You want me to have “Skills for Good Program Management” Then leave me alone to do my job. 

You know, maybe it’s NOT the way I formulized the question; maybe my co-worker is just a dumbass.
Not everyone is always on the same page. We are all different with different goals. I am not some variable that can be plugged into a formula to get an expected outcome. Shame on you.

It’s like anything in life. Some days you’re the lion and other days you’re the zebra.

What makes a good leader? It’s simple.
It’s when others see in you a path that can get them to where they want to be.

“You want to be a leader?” Then shed the shackles of conformity and blaze a new path. I’m sure George Washington didn’t know his MBTI type.

Author’s Note: This diatribe was formulated on the way to yet another mandated Franklin Covey training session. Like leadership can be bottled up and packaged like Coca-Cola. (insert sarcasm here) A bit ironic that the future leaders are being lead into training like lemmings heading off the cliff. Now I know there are some of you who follow and believe in this method, it’s just not me, and we too have a voice and a difference of opinion.

My 7 Mistakes of Having a Website (Continued)

7.    I’m Not as Funny as I Thought I Was.   

“You cut me deep, Shrek. You cut me real deep just now.”
This was perhaps my hardest lesson. “Build it and they will come” I thought. But this was not the case. “I can write funny stories” “My friends think I’m funny”

Where is everyone? Wow, does everyone have a website or blog? Yes, as a matter of fact, they do. The competition can be fierce.

So far, (still new here) I will just keep plugging away and listen to advice from others on how to improve and increase traffic. In the meantime, I will just keep writing and improving my skills and make friends along the way. As Dory says, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming.”

My 7 Mistakes of Having a Website (Continued)

6.  It’s all about the money, NOT. 

“I’m going to be that next blog millionaire”

Good luck. I’m lucky if I can get a couple of followers. Everything takes dedication. It’s better to do it because it gives you some sort of fulfillment.

While on the face of it, and it is true that it is better to “own” your site, Domain name, etc. (ad space is all yours); It is far more important to establish an audience. Some sort of web ring, blog ring, or community that can give you exposure with no initial cost is a great way to start for the beginner. What’s the point of having a great site if no one sees it? Find something that inspires you. If it doesn’t bring you joy, then it’s a chore. If money comes along, “Sweet.”  Let someone else (WordPress) worry about the cost initially until you are ready to be on your own.

I thought at first that the Domain.com was the most important. I now believe that I lost that bet. 

My 7 Mistakes of Having a Website (Continued)

5.  Stay True. 
It’s not about the site, it’s about the content.

I’m still learning this one. I am like one big kid in a candy store. Any new bell or whistle and I am all over it. Putting a widget here, a calendar there, a twitter feed shoved God knows where. Think about it. Does it add to my website? Do I really want Twitter or Instagram linked? I mean children are beautiful but not everyone wants every picture of your kids.

Stay true to your site and your “niche.” Don’t try to be too cute and look for that quick fix. If you are blogging about some particular topic, stay with it. That is what your followers are here for. I myself, came to WordPress.com to focus on “Family, kids, family travel, and healthy life choices” and look, I am already writing articles on my mistakes. “Focus Mike, Focus.”

Author’s Note:  To the young readers, this is how we use to communicate back in grade school before texting. (see pic)