Terrarium:  A Dad Project 

This is a great little project that I have done twice already and both times it came out very nice. Unfortunately I didn’t think at the time to take pictures so I could post the process.

While taking the kids through the Aquarium of the Americas, we passed through a frog exhibit and I thought, “You know, this would be quite easy to do at home.” One can usually find an old aquarium tank lying around or find one relatively cheap. I got one and set it up in my boy’s room.

Next, I bought a bunch of cheap plants from Wal-Mart, ivies and such and replanted them in containers that would fit at the bottom of the tank and placed river rocks in front to hide the containers from view. I next did the same for a small corner water fall I bought at the pet store (as to keep the water contained from flowing throughout the tank.) You can fix all of this to your liking, adding driftwood and shells, even a backdrop if desired.

To finish things off, I made a frame from spare wood for the top. Basically a 2” wood frame that I stapled screen mesh from Home Depot at the bottom and just set this on top of the tank. I lastly fixed 2 clamp lights on top to regulate the light and temperature.Now my kids get a kick out of catching tree frogs that hang out all around my house in the spring and having a place to put them. They are easy to keep and can be fed by buying live crickets from Petsmart. We tried little turtles but they quickly ran throughout the tank and buried themselves. I had to tear everything apart to find them.
Water the plants as needed and keep a spray bottle nearby for misting the tank. The frogs can get loud but give a nice sound to sleep by. A black light at night also adds to the fun. We added Anole lizards that we caught but they will clean you out of crickets in no time.