Happy Hallowtween

Here I am, both my kids are tweens and trying to find their place with the holiday.  I think they are getting a little old for Halloween (it seems to be centered around the little tykes) but I can see their struggle with still wanting that bit of childhood.  Maybe I just wanted to sit at home with a big bucket of popcorn and watch scary movies this time. We still had the dilemma of picking that perfect costume. Over the years we’ve been bugs, princesses, pirates, ninjas, witches, fairies, zombies, Roman soldiers, and the Grimm Reaper. The corn mazes seem to be done but we are slowly moving to the haunted houses. (with much trepidation) Any other readers at this phase? How do you do Halloween? Maybe it’s time for house parties and sleep overs?

5 thoughts on “Happy Hallowtween”

  1. We had taken our three year old to trick or treat, but he was done after the 6th house! I guess all the Halloween festivities between school and our local Air and Space museum wore him out. My teenager is done trick or treating like your daughter. I designated her to sit at the door and hand out candy. Of course she found a way to escape!

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  2. I think as long as they’re not causing trouble, what’s the harm? There are far worse things teens could be doing than dressing up and asking for a bit of candy. There were a few high schoolers here who went around. Most of the time they were treated accordingly and given their treat just as any kid who came by.


  3. My youngest is 18 and for the past three years her thing has been to dress up and hand out candy to the little guys coming to our door. Some years her friends join her. It’s a whole different holiday now. šŸ˜Š

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  4. We had a really nice group of teens coming by trick or treating and they all just seemed to enjoy themselves. They seemed still so innocent. It’s not a normal thing. Many teens here drink already quite a bit and I rather see them go trick or treating on a night like this than sitting at home, getting wasted BEFORE heading out to drink even more and most likely getting into issues.

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